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Comment on CNN Insider "Taipei's Tactics Against Litter"

Taipei's Tactics Against Litter | It Figures

Fines and Corrective Work Orders haven't stopped Singapore's litterbugs. So how did Taiwan - once 'Garbage Island' - get its citizens to clean up their act? The #LitterRedDot on #ItFigures, Monday. (UPDATE: Watch the episode at

CNA Insiderさんの投稿 2016年11月11日(金)

I disagree with how the producer selected the scene and its conclusion.

First, the most scene of "twenty years ago" and the following places are totally different.
I'm sure there ARE some places still in this way nowadays, but of course not in city center.
The main reason why there is no any garbage on the floor BECAUSE IT IS PROHIBITED.
There is a policy called "no garbage on the floor" (垃圾不落地).

In the past, how Taiwanese throw their garbage is to put in on "specific" corner and the clean crew would go collected it.
Now, no one can put the garbage on the floor. At designated time period, the clean crew drives garbage track with the melody of "Beethoven Fur Elise" (給愛麗絲) or "The Maiden's Prayer" (少女的祈禱) so that every Taiwanese people must have the experience of running after the classical music in order to throw their domestic garbage.

Second, the producer put the sense of flying flags of People's Republic of China which is shooted at Xi-Men-Ding (西門町) in purpose.
This is my hometown and I am sure this is shooted recently on weekend.
It is because Taiwan is a democratic country that we respect the freedom of speech so you can see so many national flags of China at this small corner.
This intersection plays an important role in Taiwanese "progressive" history from the past until today because of its location.

However, it doesn't mean that you can see the national flag of China in Taipei EVERYWHERE like this way.
I strongly think that the producer put this sense IN PURPOSE.
The sense does not support this topic but only political intention.

Third, the "CLEANING TIME" (打掃時間) of students trace back to Japanese Colonial Era.
The origin of "cleaning time" is from Japanese education system, and Taiwanese education system is established by Japanese undoubtedly.
I agree that by setting up "cleaning time" every day for 20 min. (but in my memory is 20 min. per once and twice per day) and this "cleaning education" do build up the habit/duty of cleaning inside everyone's mind.

However, it is not the reason why TAIPEI CAN BECOME CLEANER than before since this "cleaning education" exists more than 20 years.


In Japan, I have heard and discussed with lots of people about the disappearance of the trash can.
I feel IT IS MUCH HARDER to find a trash can in Taipei than in Osaka since not every convenience store supposed to provide a trash can for the pedestrian even though the density of convenience stores in Taiwan is greater than Japan.

That's all I want to say.


台客劇場》 美女跳芭蕾倒垃圾 Taiwan Garbage Ballerina by Taiwan Minute


f:id:wewe_ch15:20171219115405p:plainI took this picture is afternoon since it was my first time seeing so intensive the national flags do People's Republic of China at once here.




張郁婕さんの投稿 2016年12月17日(土)

I decided to take a video from bus 307 so that everyone can see how special this intersection is.
ps. I did not change the speed of the video. it is exact how the bus driver drove.