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Naniwa-suji Line

(2017/3/18 09:00 updated) Our lovly Hankyu (well, we don't have any other choice) says, in 2030 they will open up a new station called "Ume-kita", which is the area of sky building. The new line will connect from Shin-Osaka (new station of Hankyu) → Juso(十三)to "Umekita" and then link to new line of JR West Japan, "Naniwa-Suji" Line(なにわ筋線)which is parallel to Subway (light-blue) Yotsuba-suji Line, (red) Mito-suji Line, (brown) Sakai-suji Line, (purple) Tanimachi Line, and (yellow) Imasato-suji Line(大阪市営地下鉄南北向)but is in the west side.
It claims that the time to KIX(関空)may be shorter for 30 min. but the price hasn't decided yet.
For most of my friends on Facebook, I don't think to take this shortcut is cheaper and more convenient for us since there is Hankyu pass to KIX.
However, for people who live in Hyogo or they to northwest of Toyonaka city, Osaka province, it may be a better choice, though.
Kindly remind, just as Hankyu Kyoto Line is linked to Subway (brown) Sakaisuji Line(大阪市営地下鉄堺筋線)once you cross Tenshinbashisuji-6-chome(天神橋筋六丁目, Ten-Roku), the price goes up since you have transferred into other transportation company.