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Taiwan and East Asia

For the past three months, I started my self-learning about "Southeast Asia" from history and current society as Taiwanese young generation.
I suddenly realized that Taiwan is a part of "東南アジア" when I was is Osaka and this turns out to be a unique point of view to see the world. Taiwanese are too self-centered in some cases. "Chinese culture" is one of the characteristics of Taiwanese culture especially the impact on social values. This characteristic makes us unconscious to see what advantages only we have and forget to notice what else we don't have or we can do it better if we can see OTHERS besides business.

"Chinese-based people just know how to run a business inside their blood."
In English, "Chinese" is one word, but it is too complex with too many meanings at the same time. Even if we create lots of words in Chinese trying to describe all the possibilities but there is always be one more possibility missing.

This is me. On my way to find out the connection among "Far East".

Languages might be a key to access but it's not the must-be.
The place where the settlers/people live currently is another important factor.

This afternoon, the professor asked me whether I can read Japanese or not.
"yes", I answered.
Then the professor asked me to do a small project to study a masterpiece drawn by 郷原古統, who is one of the most influential art teacher during Japanese colonial era, why he selected these 12 spots as "台北名所" in that era.